Unlock Your Wings: Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Opportunities Await – Apply Now!

Position: Cabin Crew

Job Location: Mumbai - Maharastra

Qualifications: High School (10th Passout)

Type: Full-Time

Years of Experience: Freshers Are Eligible

Salary: 4-6 LPA

Last Date: 23.01.2024

About Qatar Airways Company Details and Overview

Qatar Airways is the flag carrier airline of Qatar and one of the largest and most prestigious airlines in the world. Keep in mind that there might be changes or updates after this date.

              Founded: Qatar Airways was founded on November 22, 1993.
              Head Quater: Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar.
              CEO: Akbar Al Baker has been the Chief Executive Officer since 1997.

Key Highlights

  1. Fleet: Qatar Airways has a modern and diverse fleet of aircraft, including Airbus and Boeing models.

  2. Awards: The airline has received numerous awards for its service, quality, and innovation, including Skytrax's World's Best Airline multiple times.

  3. Global Network: Qatar Airways operates a vast international network, connecting passengers to various destinations across six continents.

  4. Oneworld Alliance: Qatar Airways is a member of the Oneworld airline alliance, which includes some of the world's leading carriers.

Services and Classes

  • Qatar Airways offers a range of services, including Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class.

  • The airline is known for its luxurious amenities in premium cabins, such as flat-bed seats, gourmet dining, and exclusive lounges.

Innovation and Technology

  • Qatar Airways has been at the forefront of innovation, introducing new technologies and services to enhance the passenger experience.

  • The airline has invested in state-of-the-art aircraft and in-flight entertainment systems.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Qatar Airways has been involved in various corporate social responsibility initiatives, contributing to community development, education, and environmental sustainability.

  • Challenges and Controversies: Like many airlines, Qatar Airways has faced challenges and controversies, including issues related to labor rights and employment conditions. These matters have been the subject of discussions and scrutiny.

The ideal candidate will ensure to delivery of five-star Customer Service to QR customers contacting the Contact Centre via telephone, email, fax, and web chat: Responding professionally to achieve customer satisfaction, generate revenue, and take all possible measures to avoid loss of revenue.

Roles and Responsibilities of Qatar Airways Cabin Crew

1. Safety and Security
  •    Ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers throughout the flight.
  •    Conducting pre-flight safety briefings and demonstrations.
  •    Implementing and adhering to all safety and security procedures.

2. Customer Service
  •    Providing exceptional customer service to passengers.
  •    Assisting with passenger inquiries, needs, and special requests.
  •    Creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere on board.

3. Cabin Preparation
  •    Preparing the cabin for flight, including checking emergency equipment and supplies.
  •    Verifying the cleanliness and readiness of the aircraft interior.

4. Catering and Cabin Supplies
  •    Coordinating with catering services to ensure the availability of meals and refreshments.
  •    Monitoring and restocking cabin supplies during the flight.

5. Health and Medical Assistance
  •    Offering assistance to passengers with medical conditions.
  •    Administering basic first aid when necessary.

6. Communication
  •    Maintaining effective communication with the flight deck crew.
  •    Providing updates on passenger activities and any relevant issues.

7. Teamwork
  •    Collaborating with fellow cabin crew members to ensure seamless operations.
  •    Supporting and assisting colleagues as needed.

8. Adaptability
  •    Adapting to changes in flight schedules, conditions, and unexpected situations.
  •    Remaining calm and composed during challenging scenarios.

9. Appearance and Professionalism
  •    Maintaining a professional appearance and adhering to grooming standards.
  •    Representing Qatar Airways with professionalism and integrity.

10. Training and Compliance
  •     Participating in ongoing training sessions to stay updated on safety protocols and procedures.
  •     Ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements and company policies.

Qatar Airways Hiring Cabin Crew - Skills and Qualification

  • Minimum age of 21 years old.

  • Minimum arm reach of 212 cm.

  • High School Certificate.

  • Fluent in English (written and spoken).

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills.

  • Passion for service and an ability to work as part of a multicultural team.

  • Excellent health and fitness.

  • A willingness to relocate to Doha, Qatar.

Selection Process Process

Note- The hiring process for cabin crew members varies slightly among different airlines, but it generally follows a similar structure. Here is a general overview of the typical cabin crew hiring process.

1. Online Application
  •    Start by visiting the airline's career page or the platform where they post job openings.
  •    Submit your resume, cover letter, and any other required documents.
2. Screening and Initial Assessment
  •    The airline's HR team will review applications to shortlist candidates.
  •    Some airlines may use an online assessment or screening process to evaluate basic skills and qualifications.
3. Group Interview/Assessment Day
  •    Shortlisted candidates are often invited to a group interview or an assessment day.
  •    This may include group activities, team-building exercises, and individual interviews.
4. Individual Interview
  •    Successful candidates from the group assessment may be called for an individual interview.
  •    This interview typically covers your background, customer service skills, problem-solving abilities, and your motivation for wanting to work as a cabin crew.
5. Medical Examination / Physical Check
  •    If you pass the interview stage, you will likely undergo a medical examination to ensure that you meet the airline's health and fitness requirements.
6. Training Program
  •    Once you receive a job offer and pass the medical examination, you will go through the airline's cabin crew training program.
  •    Training includes safety procedures, emergency protocols, customer service skills, and other job-related training.
7. Probation Period
  •    After completing the training, you may enter a probationary period where your performance is closely monitored.
  •    Successful completion of the probationary period confirms your permanent employment status.
8. Uniform Fitting and Documentation
  •    You will be fitted for your uniform, and the airline will complete any necessary documentation for your employment.

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