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Revolut Ltd Company Profile - Overview

  • People deserve more from their money. More visibility, more freedom, more control, and since 2015, Revolut has been on a mission to deliver just that. With an arsenal of awesome products that span spending, saving, travel, transfers, investing, exchanging, and more, our super app has helped 35+ million customers get more from their money. And we're not done yet.

  • Revolut - As we continue our lightning-fast growth,‌ two things are essential to continuing our success, our people and our culture. We have been officially certified as a Great Place to Work™ in recognition of our outstanding employee experience! So far, we have 7,500+ people working around the world, from our great offices or remotely, on our mission with us. And we're looking for more. We want brilliant people who love building great products, redefining success, and love turning the complexity of a chaotic world into the simplicity of a beautiful solution.

About the role - Support Specialist (KYC/ATO/FIU) ENGLISH

  • Our Customer Support Team is the public face of the company and provides first-class front-line service and support to our millions of customers. We are also internal customer champions, working with product teams to ensure users stay at the forefront of everything a company does. 🚀

  • We’re looking for customer support superstars to join our team as a FinCrime Support Specialist, working within the customer onboarding (KYC), offboarding (FIU), or fraud and account takeover (ATO) areas. This role is not just about ticking off tickets and answering chats quickly, this is about truly delivering “WOW” levels of service to our global customer base We want fast-acting problem solvers, not script readers.
  • We are a global financial super app, so we have to be available 24x7. That sometimes means working nights and weekends. We shall compensate you for night shifts but we understand this still isn’t for everyone so please bear that in mind before applying.

What you be doing in Revolut as a Support Specialist

  • Providing excellent customer service via our app live chat.
  • Identifying and helping our users with FinCrime-related processes.
  • Helping our users with their onboarding experience.
  • Analyzing KYC documents and processing data.
  • Analysing risk assessments and red flags 
  • Investigating account takeover reports and fraudulent transaction reports
  • Driving various projects to improve processes and procedures within the team in the organization.
  • Handling sensitive or confidential information
  • Representing Revolut online at all times
  • Collaborating with other teams globally to tackle customer issues.

Skills Required as a Support Specialist

  • Flawless English language skills (C1-C2 level)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail and analytical skills
  • Self-learning, problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure 
  • Willingness to work different shifts
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent - recent university grads welcome!
  • You have strong writing skills and great numeracy and IT skills
  • Nice to have
  • Prior customer support experience
  • Multiple languages

Building a global financial super app isn’t enough. Our Revolution is a priority, and that’s why in 2021 we launched our inaugural D&I Framework, designed to help us thrive and grow every day. We are not just doing this because it is the right thing to do. We are doing it, we know that seeking out diverse talent and creating an inclusive workplace is the way to create exceptional, innovative products and services for our customers. That is why we encourage applications from people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to join this multicultural, hard-working team.

It seems like you're looking for information or assistance related to the hiring process for a Support Specialist position at Revolut, specifically focusing on Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Terrorist Financing (ATO), and Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) aspects. While I don't have specific details about Revolut's current hiring process, I can provide you with general guidance on what to expect in such a process.

Revolut Hiring Process as a Support Specialist

  • Application Submission: Start by submitting your application through Revolut's official career portal or any other specified channel.
  • Resume Review: The HR team will review your resume to ensure that your qualifications match the job requirements.

  • Initial Screening: If your resume is shortlisted, you may undergo an initial screening interview. This could be conducted by a recruiter and may involve questions about your background, experience, and motivation for applying.

  • Interviews: Expect multiple rounds of interviews, which may include technical interviews related to KYC, ATO, and FIU processes. You might also have behavioral interviews to assess your interpersonal skills and how well you fit into Revolut's culture.
  • Case Study or Scenario Analysis: Some companies, especially in the financial sector, may ask candidates to complete a case study or analyze specific scenarios related to KYC, ATO, or FIU.

  • Background Check: As the position involves dealing with sensitive financial information, a thorough background check may be conducted to verify your qualifications and ensure your suitability for the role.

  • Final Interview: A final interview may be conducted with higher-level management or key decision-makers to assess your overall fit within the organization.

  • Job Offer: If you successfully cleared all stages, you may receive a job offer. This will include details about your role, responsibilities, compensation, and other relevant information, which is already discussed with HR.

Remember to thoroughly research Revolut, understand their products and services, and be prepared to discuss how your skills and experience align with the specific requirements of the Support Specialist role in KYC, ATO, and FIU. Good luck!

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