Air India Express Hiring Security Staff 2024 | Airport Job 2024 | Best Airport Job For Freshers 2024

Position -  Security Operation (Security Agent)

Department -  Security

Reports to Senior Security Officer or Assistant Security Manager or Manager Security

Location -  Bangalore/Goa

Eligibility -  Graduation | Freshers are eligible.

Company Details and Overview

  1. Overview: Air India Express is a subsidiary of Air India and was established in 2004. It primarily focuses on providing affordable air travel services to passengers.

  2. Hub: The airline's primary hub is at Calicut International Airport (CCJ) in Kerala, India.

  3. Fleet: Air India Express operates a fleet of narrow-body aircraft, primarily Boeing 737-800, to serve short and medium-haul international routes.

  4. Destinations: The airline serves several international destinations in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Common destinations include cities in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and more.

  5. Low-Cost Model: Air India Express is known for its low-cost model, offering point-to-point flights to provide economical travel options to passengers.

  6. Focus on Efficiency: The airline emphasizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness in its operations to keep fares competitive.

  7. In-Flight Services: As a low-cost carrier, Air India Express typically offers a basic level of service. Passengers may have the option to purchase meals and other amenities during the flight.

  8. Safety Record: Air India Express has maintained a strong safety record, but it's always advisable to check for the latest safety information and updates.

  9. Ownership: Being a subsidiary of Air India, Air India Express operates under the broader umbrella of Air India Limited.

Note - It's essential to note that the airline industry is dynamic, and details about airlines, including routes, fleets, and services, can change over time. For the latest and most accurate information about Air India Express, I recommend checking the official website of the airline or contacting their customer service directly.

Airindia Express Hiring Security Operation Team - Job Purpose

  • Security Agent helps in monitoring and access safety systems to ensure compliance with federal regulations. They are to assist security Managers in ensuring the safety of passengers and flights too.

Air-India Express - Roles And Responsibilities

  • Access control to the aircraft,
  • Aircraft security search/security check during normal as well as bomb threat situations,
  • Screening of registered /unaccompanied baggage, cargo, mail, and company stores, etc.
  • surveillance of screened baggage till acceptance at check-in counters.
  • Security control of the checked baggage from the point it is.
  • taken into the charge of the aircraft operator till loading into the aircraft.
  • Passengers' baggage reconciliation identification.
  •  Security of baggage tags, boarding cards, and flight documents.
  • Security of mishandled/unaccompanied/transit /transfer/ baggage.
  • secondary checks at the ladder point of the aircraft.
  • Security of catering items from the pre-setting stage till loading into the aircraft.
  • Security control of express cargo, courier bags, cargo, company stores, parcels, mail bags, and escorted from the city side up to aircraft.
  • He/She will maintain surveillance and check the Sticker.

Skills and Qualification

  • Qualification Any bachelors.

  • Work Experience 0 - 1 year of work experience in Security.

  • Aviation Security Professional Management Course (AVSEC)  qualification will be preferred.

  • Excellent communication skills and basic Security knowledge.

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